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What some of our customers have said:

After significant flooding of our basement in July 2017, we worked with you to assess the potential causes and try to prevent future damage.  I am pleased to report that after this month's 5+ inches of rain, our basement has remained dry, and the landscaping and drainage that Kart Landscape installed has worked very well.  Thank you again!      Sincerely, Aaron and Leah


You did a great job.  After all the snow melt and a downpour, the house is dry as a bone     and we are thrilled.


 As I write this, the street in front of our house is completely flooded, as is my and my neighbors' backyards. But there is no water in our basement! This storm is the toughest test yet of the swale you built for us in 2006 to carry water around the house and out to the street. It is working perfectly. It is such a relief not to be confronting a flooded basement. Thank you for your excellent work.
Sincerely,   Pam


We wanted to express our sincere thanks for your services.  Your reputation speaks for itself, but we thought we’d share that we are more than happy with your crew’s hard work.  Wilber was fantastic.  We visited the house after a hard rain and were pleasantly surprised to find at least a 12” perimeter of dry soil around the house with all new drainage systems fully operational.  The wet wall in the backyard storage shed even seems to be remediated.  We especially appreciated your (and your daughter’s) willingness to walk with us around the property to provide instruction about maintaining our ornamentals.  We look forward to doing business with you in the future as well as recommend your services to everyone else!!

Cheers,   Dave and Shannon



Since the work was completed, it has rained many times, and there have been several major thunderstorms.  I am pleased to report that the water has been draining just as you said it would, away from the house.  In addition, we have not experienced any more millipede invasions.  Best of all, the work you did looks completely natural, like part of the landscape.  When our home inspector recommended you, he said that you really knew your business.  He was right.  We appreciate your insight and experience and are delighted with the results.

Sincerely, Risa 



The quality of the work is excellent, and all of our questions have been more than satisfactorily answered.

Sincerely, Margaret



For the first time in years, my family’s basement is dry despite heavy several-day rains.  In addition to that, the lawn looks better than it has in years.  Your design, the perfectly fitted slate walkways and the effectiveness of your work have made us all very, very happy.   We appreciate also your being so honorable about the air conditioning costs, among so many other things.

 The thorough check you made after the work was done was terrific.  We were particularly grateful to you for reorienting the screen door, even though we had not complained about it or even noticed it.  Most companies don’t even satisfy complaints from customers, but KART fixes things the customers don’t know enough to complain about.  We feel fortunate to have had your help, and my parents and I wanted to let you know how much enjoyment your work is giving us and how grateful we are.   We have noticed that you are checklisted in Consumers’ Checkbook, and we can agree wholeheartedly.  Congratulations!

Sincerely, Dorita 



For anyone interested in correcting outdoor drainage problems and updating landscape, come see the Meshinsky’s diveway and new plantings.  Services by KART Landscape.  They also do stone work (see front porch and courtyard wall).  We highly recommend Bob and his crew for timeliness, cleanliness, and professionalism.

Thanks, Joan


Thanks again for your terrific work.  What a transformation.

All the best, Susan 



The work done by KART Landscape was completed very excellently.  I am very satisfied with the work that was done on all items of the Drainage Proposal.  My rating of the work done by KART Landscape is as follows:   RATING:    Very Very Excellent
If you are in need of this kind of work done at your place of residence, then I very highly recommend KART Landscape.
Sincerely, Nathaniel 




Thanks for the good work.  Bad rain last week and no flooding. 
Thank You,   Mike 


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