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 Serving the Washington Metro Area for 40 years


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The company started in business in 1975 and is incorporated in the state of Maryland.   KART is a licensed Home Improvement Contractor.  It serves the major metropolitan area.

We specialize in correcting grading and drainage problems.

   Most water problems are the result of improper grade, inadequate gutter size, 
or incorrect placement of downspouts.
We provide all the services necessary to correct
drainage deficiencies, including gutter and downspout 
         work, grading, swales and retaining walls.           

In addition to our grading and drainage work,
the following are some of the services we offer: 

        • Landscape Design & Installation                                    
        • Landscape Construction
        • Landscape Maintenance

We offer free estimates and references are available. 


Washingtonian Magazine
Community Recommendation List
Home Inspector and Realtor recommended

13711 Travliah Road, Rockville MD  20850
Phone (301) 424-0238  
email:  KARTLandscape@comcast.net


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